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Direct Drive Compressors

Direct Drive

Proven High Quality Design. Suitable for a wide variety of uses. Tough, Reliable and safe. Completely portable for ease of use. Manufactured in compliance with CE directive. Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty NATIONWIDE BACK-UP AND DISTRIBUTION ABAC direct drive air compressors.

The Abac range of direct drive air compressors represent the most popular, durable, efficient and reliable product in this sector. Designed to offer the user with smaller compressed air applications the ideal air compressor for semi-professional and 'do-it-yourself' use. Technology Abac direct drive air compressor incorporate the latest technology in all areas. Designed in accordance with the latest thinking in air compressor developments and manufactured using precision methods at the world's most advanced small air compressor plant, which also houses the only robotised small air compressor assembly line in the world.

Belt Driven Air Compressors

Belt Driven Air Compressors


Fitted With Genuine High Quality Abac Compressor Pump Unit Slow Running For Long Life And Quieter Operation Superior Cooling For High Efficiency And Improved Output High Quality Heavy Duty Electric Motor Full Overload Protection Fully Automatic Control Reliable and durable. Advanced design. Comprehensive specification. Economical and efficient. Manufactured in compliance with CE directive. Comprehensive 1 Year Warranty. UK - NATIONWIDE BACK-UP AND DISTRIBUTION

Why an ABAC air compressor ?

B 60 At the heart of every ABAC reciprocating air compressor is a genuine ABAC pump unit. A world proven design offering superb quality and guaranteed reliability with the added assurance of the unrivalled back up and support provided by one of world’s largest manufacturers of air compressors. Superior valve and cylinder head design. Precision engineered for efficiency and reliability. Intercooler, after cooler, large flywheel and unique specially designed shroud ensure cooler operation minimizing wear to valves and cylinders whilst allowing easier removal of downstream condensation. Combined cast iron and alloy cylinders and all cast iron cylinders fitted to larger units provide the benefits of long life with efficient cooling. Dual oil scraper piston rings, efficient air intake filtration and cooler operation provide better quality compressed air. Oversized roller bearings, high quality materials, robust proven design and solid construction provide durability. Oil level sight glass, easily accessible air filter and a separate valve plate arrangement allow simple maintenance.

Heavy duty Piston type Compressors

Piston Type Compressors

Up to 3,0 kW: motor protection switch with mechanical relief valve and on/off switch. Wet suction filters, as from 15 kW dry suction filters. Safety valve and non-return valve. Spiral tube cooler resp. after cooler. Belt guard according to the accident prevention regulations. Condensate drain valve. Air outlet valve. Pressure gauge. Control flange Motor retensioning with parallel clamping guide. Starting solenoid valve.

Silent Compressors

Silent Compressors

Belt driven Low noise with attractive acoustically designed cabinet Fitted with genuine high quality ABAC compressor pump unit Slow running compressor for long life and quieter operation Superior cooling for high efficiency and improved output High quality heavy duty electric motor with full overload protection Fully automatic control Comprehensive 12 month warranty with nation wide back up LOW NOISE – The LN SERIES machine features very low operating noise levels 64-68dB(A), they can therefore be sited in the most convenient location even in the vicinity of personnel. LOW MAINTENANCE – The LN SERIES is a packaged version of the world’s most successful reciprocating air compressor. Simple design and convenient access allows ease of maintenance. RELIABILITY – The LN SERIES features rugged design with efficient cooling and low speed compressor pump unit providing reliability and durability. EASE OF INSTALLATION - The LN SERIES provides a silent, easily maneuvered and convenient air compressor that can be installed easily in any suitable location. SAFETY – All components are enclosed within the attractive cabinet, this along with the standard safety features provide optimum operator protection.

Hermetic compressors

Sil Air 150-50

Sil Air 50 -15

Sil Air 30

Super silent for use virtually anywhere Complete range includes portable and static models Reliable, simple and robust construction Standard equipment Ease of use, simple automatic control

Screw Compressors



Clean Smart

Direct Drive Rotary Screw Compressors Electronic air control system Self monitoring Automatic selection of most economical operating mode Minimal space requirement compact construction Sturdy framework decoupled from motor and compressor unit Cooling - own special fans Lubrication pipeline system (no hydraulic hoses) Oil always at optimal temperature Super sound insulation-SSG type (optional) Also available with variable speed

Screw compressors display their strength most of all when demands are continuously made of them. Running around the clock. Whereas piston compressors happily produce intermittent sprints and therefore run at top form in the case of ever changing requirements of air volume, screw compressors favor the other discipline. This does not however, mean that they are bad at sprinting With the SCG screw compressors the air is compressed in four phases by two screw shafts working in opposite directions. The SCG product line consists of gear type oil injected screw compressors. The injected oil cools, seals and prevents wear. SCG compressor motors and compression units are decoupled at the front from the stable base frame. This increases the smooth running and the life span of the entire system which also comprises an optimal cooling process (of water and air) and. if desired, heat reclamation process. The cooling requirements are ensured by two special fans. As the compressor motor is no longer responsible for the cooling process, its full performance is of benefit to its true task of compressing. In addition, it is protected by a torsionally flexible and well balanced coupling. Further more the compressors are excellently sound proofed.

Refrigerated Compressed Air Dryers


Air Dryers

TMC 21 - 132 models

The compact range of refrigerated air dryers has been subject to further improvements in order to achieve the best performance and reliability. All dryers are equipped with an energy saving heat exchanger, high efficiency condensate separator and large surface area freon condenser with conveyor (except mod. TMC 21) suitable for critical temperatures. A patented solution provides an extremely and constant dew point without icing problems, responsive operation and extremely low power consumption. All dryers are equipped with a safety system to prevent compressor damage due to malfunction or higher working temperatures. The mechanical devices guarantee stable operation under heavy working conditions. An adjustable (interval and duration) electronic auto drain is standard on all models. The control panel comes with an analogue thermometer in order to control the working condition (dew point temperature).

TM 180 - 630 models

This professional range has been developed with the experience of many years with successful applications. The 'true' dew point temperature of 3°C is controlled by means of a micro processor, allowing the control and the regulation of the dew point temperature as well as that of the condensate discharge interval and duration. The bundle type exchanger along with the high efficiency condensate separator ensures a small pressure drop and excellent performance even under heavy duty conditions. Optionally, condensate removal can be achieved via a level sensor controlled drain allowing discharge of the condensate without the loss of compressed air.

TM 750 - 1800 models

This new series of 'industrial' dryers represents the culmination of experience gained through many years manufacturing and distributing large drying equipment world-wide. These new models have been designed and developed in accordance to the latest European safety regulations.

The TM 750 - 1800 dryers offer a totally redesigned aesthetically pleasing appearance along with high performances even under the worst ambient conditions. The control panel includes the following functions: Monitoring the temperature : - inlet air - dew point - freon condensation - freon evaporation - ambient - outlet air Regulation of : - dew point - discharge drain solenoid valve Control of status of : - compressor - ventilator - solenoid valves All units are arranged to accept : - a remote operation of the start switch - a remote alarm - a no air loss condensate discharge - a flow controller